Should All Warehouses Have Composite Lightweight Roofs?

Well, the building materials of the future will be much different than they are today. Chances are we won’t have to cut down as many trees for lumber, or make foundations with cement and rebar so thick. Our glass windows will not be made out of glass, but they will be even more transparent, lighter weight, and much safer in case of high winds, or earthquakes, even bullet proof too. In the future everything will change, not only for the single-family dwellings we live in, but also for large-scale apartment complexes, towers, and skyscrapers.
Today, however I would like to discuss something totally different. I would like to talk about a certain new type of building material which I see coming onto the scene not so far off in the future. You see, right now we are making airplanes at of carbon composites, and we are learning Roofing Tricks how to manufacture with carbon nanotubes and other incredibly strong materials which will weigh next to nothing. As humans figure out how to manufacture large sheets of carbon nanotubes, and sandwich them together with other lightweight composites it will change everything.
Consider if you will a warehouse building. Many of these are made out of steel, or using a concrete tilt-up strategy, where the sides are made out of concrete. If we can use lightweight carbon composite roofing materials, and giant sheets, those buildings don’t have to be as strong, nor do the foundations, pillars, or sides have to be made at of such robust materials. Not only will they be safer, they will also be stronger, and they can be made translucent during the daytime simply by adding energy to the carbon nanotube sheets, which will allow the sunlight to come in, saving electricity in lighting.
Right now, there are many roofing materials made out of carbon composites, and the price is somewhat competitive. There are shingles and squares which are used as roofing materials, but they have to be laid upon a structure. In the future very large sheets of carbon composite materials Different Types Of Roofs With Pictures will be able to hold up large amounts of snow, or even used as flooring for a second level. This is perfect for warehouses. It won’t be long now until we have these high-tech building materials, within the next 5 to 10 years everything will change and it will change for the better.
Imagine carbon composite roofing which also can be coated with very thin spray on solar panels. It will be amazing what we can do in the future, and that future is rapidly advancing thanks to the DOE investment in new space-age materials. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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