Shower Enclosures

By master Nov 19, 2021

Shower Enclosures

Whether you are redesigning or just updating your bathroom you need to consider the shower enclosure. You might not think that the enclosure is an important part of the bathroom and not really worth paying much attention to but believe it or not it is something that most people will first when they enter your bathroom, as more often than not it is one of the biggest feature in the bathroom. So here I am going to take you through the options available to you and the style and design that each option will give you.

Cabin shower enclosure.

The cabin shower enclosure is probably the most common of enclosures and it is fitted around a shower tray with built in shower. There are many different designs and styles when it comes to this type of enclosure, they also come in a variety of different types of shapes and sizes. This if often the option that most people go for as the price range is so vast. It is the most affordable option if you are looking for the glass design and will give you a look of style in any type of bathroom.

Wet Room Enclosure.

The wet room is getting more and more popular in many bathrooms no matter the size of the room. This designed enclosure will give you the look of luxury when coupled up with the right style shower. Again they come in many different sizes and styles. They range from one door panel to a series of panes, folding / sliding doors or the type that is in one fixed position. This option is becoming more affordable to many people as there is becoming more choice of designs out there.

Curtain and Shower Curtain Rail

This can be the cheapest option available to you. The price of a shower curtain rails can vary massively and you can still get a quality look at lower cost. This is often a good option for shower over a bath.

I would suggest that when ordering your shower enclosure that you order it both with the shower tray and shower as the company you purchase from will no doubt have the matching items and you be safe in the knowledge that it will all work and fit together. So now you know that the enclosure is quite an important item in your bathroom and that it can determine the look you are wanting, take your time and look around at the different designs out there. Make sure that you plan it well and get the right sizes too!

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