Shower Stalls – Q and A – The Most Common Questions Regarding Shower Stalls

Shower Stalls – Q and A – The Most Common Questions Regarding Shower Stalls

It is not easy to buy a new shower stall, because the selection is big and there are many things to watch out for. The most important questions that you might already ask yourself, or that you should ask yourself before getting a new one, are answered in the following article.

Q: How big does my shower stall need to be?

A: Big enough to clean yourself comfortably. If you apply shower gel, you should be able to do so without bumping into your shower doors constantly, because that will make you feel very uncomfortable.

Q: What should I watch out for when I choose the shower doors?

A: The most important thing is the opening mechanism. Swinging doors are more comfortable and tend to be more sturdy, but they also require a lot more space. Sliding shower doors need almost no additional space, but they are often of lower quality. Another important distinction is the frame. Modern and very elegant doors are frameless, older and cheaper ones use a frame.

Q: How do I prevent clogging of my drain?

A: This is not an easy questions to answer. First of all, an anti-slip shower mat can increase safety and catch a big amount of hair already. Regular usage of drain-cleaning substances can eliminate sedimentation that are already present. If it is completely clogged already you might have to call a plumber to get it free again, because additional tools are required.

Q: Where should my shower stall be situated?

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A: Traditionally, shower enclosures are placed in corners to use the space of your bathroom the most efficient way possible. This however leads to a rather dark and sometimes even claustrophobic environment. As a result, homeowners who have sufficient space available now do not place their enclosures there any more. They are now placed in light-filled areas, some even install them in the middle of their room, if the plumbing allows it.

Q: Are shower curtains or shower doors better?

A: According to a rule of thumb it can be said that you should use curtains if you have your showers in your bathtub, and doors if you are equipped with a separate stall. Doors limit your flexibility and comfort if you want to use your bathtub for comfortable baths, and not just showers. Shower Curtains are often not completely tight and you will avoid them if you can, therefore you would not use them for a stall.

Q: Can I install it all by myself?

A: It is possible to do all the work on your own, and if you are ready to do some reading and are not too proud to follow detailed instructions you will most likely succeed. There are a couple of things that you should watch out for however. Poor plumbing can cause a vast amount of harm. Water damage is very hard and expensive to repair, and your insurance will most likely not cover it if the work has not been done by a professional. As a result, you should think twice before installing the plumbing on your own. It is however no problem to lay tiles on your own. If you fail to do it properly they can be removed again fairly easily.

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