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Slate or Tile – Roof Material

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The availability of various types of roofing materials makes it difficult to choose between the Box Corrugated Roofing Sheets types of materials until you are able to understand what purposes and functionality they had.
Slate, as a roofing material, is one of the most costly roofing materials that are available on the market but at the same time, it is one of the most durable and eye-catching roofing material. Slate roof tiles are normally grey and cut out from lumps of stone but they can also be found in a variety of different colors. When comparing the prices, the price of slate usually priced at about ten times the price of asphalt shingles per square range. Slate roofs often last for over 100 years and in exceptional occasions, can last almost twice as long.
Slate roofs entail minimal maintenance and they are especially resistant to mold and insects. They are fire resistant, too. Slate as a heavy roofing material can only be used on properly supported roofs and the roofs should be additionally strengthened to support the weight of a roof that is made of slate. The strengthening of the roof’s structure adds to the cost of installing a slate roof tiles and the finalized cost will include additional material and labor expensive. In case your slate roof needs to be repaired, you will have to make sure that an experienced roofing contractor who has knowledge about dealing with slate roofing material carries out the work. The reason is that slate not only requires a great deal of expertise for installation but being a brittle material, needs to be handled properly to prevent any cracking or breakage.
Nowadays; you can also find synthetic slates available in the market made from a mixture of slate dust and glass fiber resin or by combining cement and fiber. The plus point about the synthetic slate is that it is not fragile as real slate but retains many of the protective qualities. With the much cheaper and easier to install materials like asphalt shingles available in the market there has been a fall in the popularity of stale as a roofing material.
Clay tile is another roofing material being made in a number of different patterns. Tile is a very durable material and is able to endure some of the severe climatic elements like hailstorm, strong wind, and fire. Tiles just like slate are also heavy and need special structural standards for strengthening the frame and decking of the roof. Tiles also have a larger life expectancy of nothing less than forty to fifty years.
If you want to use tile on a steep pitch roofs; you will need to have them pre-drilled and nailed or perhaps, metal brackets for support. These processes add to the cost of the tile roofing. You will find that the tile roofs provide the longest warranties in the industry of roofing. The majority of tile manufacturers of both concrete and clay will provide no less than a fifty year limited warranty on these products.
Concrete tiles, when compared to clay tiles, have all its good qualities but are available with an additional advantage Workers Comp For Roofers of availability in much more types of styles together with traditional clay, slate, and even, wood shake.

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