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Solar Roof Shingles – A Power Play For Your Home!

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Over the last 40 years solar cells have come a long way. We started using this technology as a way to harness the suns powerful rays in a way that would allow us to power small devices then they became a great way for companies and private homes to generate free electricity with a clean and renewable resource. For a while this technology was pretty expensive, and although it did always recoup those costs in time, most people just couldn’t afford to get the equipment. When you’d pass by a home with solar panels on the roof you knew what it was but wondered just how much power those cells produced. Then came the solar roof shingles.
Today the solar cell technology or photovoltaic (converting light into energy basically) cells have come a great distance and the technology is more powerful in smaller packages. You still need to have a good width and height of cells to capture the most light, but your no longer required to have huge heavy panels on your roof that are to many an eye sore to get that power. Companies have been tinkering with the concepts and even the Ozpix Roof Restoration Reviews materials embedded in the cells that make the magic conversion happen, and have found a way to build thin (compared to the big thick solar panels of yesteryear) shingle sized solar panel that can be networked with other like shingles to produce enormous power out put. The way this works is you essentially overlay your current homes roof shingles with these cells which also work to protect your roof as well from weather conditions.
These solar roof shingles look and appear like normal shingles so with your entire roof covered in these you will efficiently be soaking up all that wasted sun that used to absorb into your old shingles without giving you the power and nobody walking by will even realize you have solar powered Roof Design Minecraft roofing installed! The other beauty of these shingles is that they can be networked and added to. You can purchase a set then when more money becomes available you can simply add more until your whole roof is covered. It’s a brilliant way to save money and build value into your home!

By master

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