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Some Styles of Sheer Curtain

By master Aug6,2022

Some Styles of Sheer Curtain

There are a lot of ways you can do to add elegant effect to your room. Window treatment is the popular way for it. Sheer curtains are one of the most popular window treatments. They can add elegance and let your room bright and airy. They are commonly made of a lightweight and fine weaved fabric with natural look.

The material used in sheer curtains enables the sunlight to pass through. The most popular colors for this type of covering are ivory, cream, and white. There are some other colors available. You can choose one which can complement your room well. In addition, sheer curtain is also available in some different types. Here are some other types of sheer curtains which are popularly used.

Panel Curtains

Panel curtains can work well for longer windows. Commonly, they come in the length of 54 up to 84 inches. You can choose the right length for your window. In some cases, panel curtains can be applied in combination with heavy material.

Door Panel Curtains

This is another type of sheer curtain which is used especially for covering patio or sliding French doors. It has a wide range of length, from 30 inches up to 72 inches. The difference of this door panel curtain with window panel curtain is on its rods. This panel curtain is hung with two rods, one on the bottom and another one on the top of the frame. Commonly, it is not tied back.

Scarf Curtains

These curtains are loose and flowing. They look like scarf when they are hung over curtain rod. The loosely draped material can help soften the window vertical lines. It can also be used with sheer material to evoke a calming and chic atmosphere. This is popularly used in verandas or sunrooms. In addition, it is commonly available in the length of 3 up to 6 yard.

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