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Tension Curtain Rods Make Life Easier

By master Sep18,2021

Tension Curtain Rods Make Life Easier

A quick and easy way to fix curtain rods to any wall is to use the new style tension rods. These are designed to fit between any gap without the need to drill holes in walls. This is a great way for people who may be a little afraid of using a drill in case they drill into a power cable. They stay in place because they are under tension from the edges. To fit them is a simple process which involves unscrewing the rod in the center and opening out until the edges touch the intended wall or gap. Once in place you just tighten the screws to create the pressure on the outside edges.

The ends of the rods usually have a rubber coating to help them grip better, but also to protect the wall itself from being marked or scratched. They are best used for hanging light things from, such as small curtains, shower curtains, or blinds. Anything heavier is going to place too much strain on them, resulting in sagging in the middle, or even collapsing and bringing everything down in one go. There are different sizes available for larger spaces, but be aware that the larger the space the more they will sag. You can combat this by adjusting the tension screws, but there will come a point where the rod just cannot take the weight.

Many of these tension rods find their way into bathrooms. They can take the weight of the shower curtain no problem. Most bathrooms have tiles in them, and these can be very difficult to drill into without cracking them. It takes a firm and a lot of patience to drill into tiles, and many people are not confident to do this. With the tension rods there is no need for drilling, and this is why they are popular in bathrooms and around bath tubs.

Just be careful if you intend to hang your wet towels on them, in this case you may be better off buying a double rod to support the extra weight, or just remember not to put your towels on them.

Magnetic rods are very similar in nature, but obviously you need to be attaching them to something magnetic. The idea seem a good one, but again, the size of the gap is all important, it is the laws of physics at play here. The cost of the tension rods is less than standard prices, and they are available at most home improvement stores and on the internet. You still need to measure the distance of the gap before you buy to get at least some indication of the size. Some can extend to three meters if needed, and the designs are becoming more sturdy and supportive.

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