The 4 Top Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

If you’re smart then you will for sure make a point of contacting more than one roofing contractor, before you sign your name to a contract. Even better yet, is if you can call around on the phone to get some answers to some basic questions. So then what are the four most important questions to ask?
Question #1
The very first thing you want to ask any contractor, is if he or she is fully insured and bonded, and if they have the documents to prove that they are. Another thing you can ask for is their license number, so you can check online with your states license board, to see if they are in good standing.
Question How To Get A New Roof For Free #2
Make sure to ask any contractor you are considering for a bid, whether or not it is they who are going to do the actual work, and if they are willing to put that in writing in your contract. You see, its perfectly legal and not uncommon for contractors to bid jobs then subcontract them out to other less reputable companies.
Question #3
Make sure to ask any roofing contractor who you are considering what their hourly rates are for carpentry work. It’s important to understand that if your roof is bad, that there most likely Close Coupled Roof has been water leakage that has led to wood decay. It’s only after your roof is torn off that you can get an idea of how much wood has to be replaced, if there is any dry rot damage.
Question #4
For sure you’ll want to ask any prospective contractors how long they guarantee their work for. Most people simply assume that their new roof is guaranteed against leaks, but this simply isn’t always the case. A one year guarantee should be adequate to get you through one rainy season. If it doesn’t leak then, you should be fine.

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