The Five Most Common Roofing Materials Today

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There are many roofing materials in the market nowadays. Just try to shop around and you will see these materials in different colors and shapes. Here are the five of the most common roofing materials today.
Metal Roofing
Metal roofing is one of the most popular materials. It is known for its strength that can last a lifetime. It is also fire resistant and is used in most residential and commercial properties. Because of its versatility and reasonable price, the popularity of metal roofing led to the variety of colors and styles with this material. It is one of the materials with the most diverse options in the industry right now.
Tiles are also a popular choice as a material for the roof. Tiles are also fireproof and are very durable. It also comes in many different colors and styles.
Asphalt shingles are very popular for several decades now. The traditional asphalt shingles are very common roofing materials for 70 years now. But the modern fiberglass shingles are now substituting the asphalt version.
As of today, shingles are now available in slate, asbestos-cement, wood, composite, ceramic, and asphalt. Wood shingles and bitumen-soaked paper covered with aggregate (asphalt Black Roofs On Houses shingles) have now become less common because of increased fire hazards. Hence, these materials are now substituted with the fire resistant fiberglass shingles.
Solar Roofing
There are also innovations with these materials like the solar roofing. Because of the demand for renewable energy, many people are now looking at ways to incorporate solar panels to their roofing material. Hence, this led to the rise in popularity of solar roofing. This move is very friendly to the environment. Aside from being environment friendly, this can also save you a lot of money from your bills when these solar roofing materials are installed.
Slate Roofing What Is The Peak Of A Roof Called
The last of the five is the slate roofing material. This type is initially one of the most expensive roofing materials out there. But the great aspect this is that they generally last for more than a lifetime. Thus, this is usually used on expensive buildings for its unique look and durability. This roofing material is available in many colors and varieties.
Regardless of your choice of roofing material, make sure to defend your choice with logic, practicality, and with the guidance of experts. Always do your homework and consult professional roofers for suggestions. This will guarantee you that your roof will last for a life time with less hassles and problems with maintenance.

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