The Wonder of Great Window Treatments

By master Apr 22, 2022

The Wonder of Great Window Treatments

Windows are one of man’s best innovations. Not merely do they invite fresh air and natural light inside our homes, they expand the views associated with our small individual world, to include the larger world outdoors. More than this, windows have the possibility for ranking at the top of all the our homes’ decorative features. Given the significance they should have, no matter what the size or shape, they possess the potential to work wonders.

Key elements for this magic are great decorative solutions, expanded by original creative ideas, intriguing colors and fabrics, a little time, a small amount of persistence, and an interest in having one’s house as comfortable as possible for the entire household. Creative window treatments can do all kinds of amazing things for us. Perhaps most significantly, they will be able to set the stage of any atmosphere you would like. They can easily end up being pacesetters for a mood quietly set aside, luxuriously elegant or completely tranquil. They could be excitingly contemporary or nostalgic together with classic allure. This is certainly due to the fact your window treatments provide the most significant areas of color, texture and styling within the room.

Quality window treatments can perform a lot of other magic as well. For a dark room they might add cascades of radiant color. To a room harshly bright, they can provide serenity with comfortable, transparent weaves that will mellow the sun’s rays. They could dramatize a spectacular view or downplay a poor one. They can generate a powerful focal point of elegance in the room that lacks a fireplace or other focus of architectural attention.

Skillful window treatments can easily achieve extremely believable illusions, also. They can provide tall slender windows, or short fat ones, more satisfying symmetries. They might help to make a high window appear lower, expand very small rooms, or even reduce in size vast areas. They can take a ceiling too high or low, and help to make it appear “just right.” They can take a room broken up by isolated windows, and draw it together into flowing unity. Only the appearance need be expensive. The fabric you choose may cost very little, but if it’s hung generously and effectively, and the color has its intended effect, your draperies will be surprisingly appealing. In truth, it is far wiser to utilize sufficient yardage of an affordable material than to skimp on one that is more costly. Many clever decorators have created wonderful window treatments with splashes of exciting color and design on a minimal budget.

Pinch pleated draperies installed on conventional or decorative curtain track are still a widely favored window covering. But the variety of pleating styles and hardware are now virtually unlimited. Wood poles have become very popular in many finishes and a multitude of finial styles. Wrought iron hardware with rings is also a well known look creating fashionable window effects. So, whether you choose a conventional white drapery traverse rod or something decorative, you can be assured your draperies will provide you many years of pleasure.

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