Things to Consider When Decorating With Draperies

By master Apr 8, 2022

Things to Consider When Decorating With Draperies

Draperies instantly improve the look of almost any d?�cor and you have a wide variety of choices when you choose to adorn your windows with draperies. You can buy them online in stocked sizes or have them custom made. You can choose lightweight or heavier fabrics, depending on your likes and your needs and you can purchase draperies that are dry clean only or the kind that you can throw in the washing machine. Below, we’ll discuss some of the things you may want to take into consideration before you decide that draperies are right for you.

Draperies Provide Insulation

Draperies Provide Insulation and can significantly increase the energy efficiency of your home. Draperies can provide a formal look to a well decorated room as well as a more casual, dressed down look, if you prefer. Draperies are far more durable than most curtains are and the heavier draperies can help to keep the light and heat out of your home. For this reason, investing in draperies for your home is a wise investment and one you should seriously consider.

Draperies can be used with or without window blinds to create an aesthetically pleasing window treatment for your home. Not all draperies have the insulated backing so you can get them with or without this feature. Draperies come in a wide variety of fabrics so if you don’t necessarily need window treatments that offer further insulation, you can still get the beautiful look and feel of draperies without that feature.

Fire Retardant Draperies Offer Added Protection

Purchasing draperies constructed of fire retardant fabrics can offer added protection to your home in the event of a fire. Since these draperies are constructed from a variety of attractive fabrics and colors, you can still adorn your windows beautifully while having the peace of mind that your drapes won’t sustain fire or catch on fire.

Would Curtains Suffice?

While draperies offer more functionality and usually, more aesthetic appeal than curtains do, draperies are usually not necessary for every window in the home. There are some windows for which curtains may be a better choice. It really depends on your budget, how you want the room to look, and whether you need the insulating properties that draperies afford. For the living room, you may want the more formal look that draperies provide, yet you would most likely prefer curtains for the kitchen.

Children’s rooms are also good candidates for curtains over draperies, although you still want to make sure you adorn any windows with fire retardant fabrics. While draperies are more expensive than curtains, there is still quite a bit of difference in the prices and features so if you are on a budget, look carefully to see how you can save money on draperies. Obviously, the custom made draperies will cost more than stocked sizes.

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