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Tips on What to Get the Bride and Groom For Their Wedding Gift

By master Aug13,2022

Tips on What to Get the Bride and Groom For Their Wedding Gift

Every year many people decide to walk down the aisle and get married. Often times these a big events with showers given prior to the event as well as the wedding itself with a big reception with dinner and dancing following the ceremony. If you are invited to any of these wedding related parties, it is often customary to give a gift for the bride and groom. Gift registries have made this a bit easier with all of the things the couple would like from fabric shower curtain and shower curtain rods all the way to designer china place settings.

This will touch on great ideas for these gifts and how to combine some of the smaller things on their gift registry to make a fun unique gift basket. The first idea is to pick a theme for your gift. If they have several items for the bathroom, you can put together a fun personalized basket for their wedding gift. A great idea is to get two sets of the towels from their registry and take them to get the monogram of the bride and the groom put on it. This extra touch really makes the gift special. With that you could put the coordinating bath accessories as well as a nice new shower curtain and some decorative soaps to round out the basket.

Another fun theme for the wedding present would be centered around a picnic basket. They offer all sorts of great picnic baskets or portable coolers that come with all of the necessary items for a picnic for two people including the blanket, the dishes, glasses and the utensils. Include a nice bottle of wine, some great cheese and crackers and perhaps a pair of concert tickets to a local outdoor concert that has lawn seating would be a great idea.

Another fun idea would be if the couple requested an ice cream maker in their registry. you could get fun ice cream dishes and long sundae spoons and include all of the fixings used to have with ice cream. Some of those things would be sprinkles, cones, topping sauces, cherries, and the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cookbook to make some great flavors of ice cream. This type of theme would be a fun gift to give at the bridal shower or couple shower and one that a couple of friends could go in on and put their favorite ice cream accompaniment to the mix.

Many new couples are looking to buy their first home together and often need money. Some cultures encourage giving the couple only money but other people are not fond of the idea and think it is impersonal. A gift card that comes in the form of a credit card that can be used anywhere is another alternative. If they already own a home but plan on doing a lot of home projects a gift card to a home improvement store with work gloves would be a useful gift idea.

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