Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Contractor

Choosing a contractor is perhaps the most difficult part of planning any project, and failing to select an acceptable one can cause an incredible amount of frustration and negative financial repercussions. Instead of simply Professional Roofing Magazine picking the cheapest estimate, a homeowner must make a well-informed decision that is based on much more than price. The following tips are absolutely necessary and will help avoid getting ripped off by a contractor.

Visit the company at their place of business before committing to anything. A contractor that has a well-established office in place shows that they are successful and that they are positioned to be competitive in the market. If a company simply operates with a post office box, the chances that they may not ever complete the job are dangerously high.

Check the licensing status and history of any potential contractor. The local licensing commission in each state can not only provide information regarding whether a person is licensed, but they can also tell how long they have held such licenses. In addition, the local licensing commission can help determine whether there are any pending investigations or complaints against the contractor.

Ensure that the contractor is properly insured and require proof. Any accidents on a homeowner’s property could result in a liability issue, so it is imperative that a contractor maintains the proper insurance coverage in both liability and worker’s comp. A reputable contractor should expect to be required to supply the homeowner with certificates of coverage from each insurance company.

Inquire as to the history of the business. If a contractor has been in business for a number of years, they are much less likely to leave a job unfinished or disappear completely. In addition, a company that has existed for awhile also is much more likely to be around after the project is complete in the event of any problems or warranty issues.

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Require that the contractor provide you with several references. Discussing experiences with previous clients can allow the homeowner to discover a fair amount of pertinent information. For example, it will allow a prospective client to determine whether the job was completed, the quality of the work, and the satisfaction of the previous clients. In addition, there are also many other resources available to check out contractors and reviews of them.

Selecting a good contractor may not be an easy process, but the extra effort put into doing a little bit of research will make the White Stains On Roof decision a much more informed one. As a result, it is much less likely that a homeowner will get ripped off by a contractor.

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