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Uses of Spray-On Roofing

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Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), or spray-on roofing, is liquid polyurethane foam plastic. It is sprayed like paint but when it dries, it develops into a semi-solid or solid condition. It expands to at least a hundred times than its previous size to form an air close-fitting barrier. And because of its ability to expand, it serves many purposes such as acting as a heat insulator, soundproofing a room, and above all, filling in gaps between roofs, vents, or chimney.
SPF definitely works wonderfully on any roof. It is light in weight so you do not even know that it is applied and you do not have to add extra support system on your roof. In addition, it can be used in different types of roofing materials such as clay, wood, metal, shingles, and concrete tiles. Even if you have an existing roof, foam can still be applied without any difficulties.
The most common problem encountered with any roofing system is leak. Due to many years of existence, most roofs tend to tear, crack and break, and all these cause leaks. Spray-on roof foam prevents Commercial Roof Inspection Checklist Pdf water and air penetration because it is monolithic in nature. It fills gaps and seals spaces present on your roof which, in effect, make water inaccessible and thus, prevents unwanted leaks.
Most homes and buildings have steeply pitched roofs that leave an interval between them, which make them hard to waterproof. Spray foam roofing produces a thermal barrier or sealant that prevents heat loss or gain which is very ideal for houses and buildings, thus resulting to low energy consumption and increase in energy efficiency.
Aside from being energy efficient, spray-on roofing foam is considered beneficial to health and is environment friendly. It has no element of formaldehyde or other dangerous chemicals which are considered Faqs About A New Roof health hazards. Since it fills up spaces, it prevents dust and other allergy-causing substances into your home. It also prevents the accumulation of harmful molds that can cause diseases.
Maybe the best feature spray-on roofing foam has to offer is it makes your existing roof last longer. It can also protect your roof from extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, heavy rains, and frozen rain. This foam, if properly maintained, can last for three decades or more and can help you save on money. However, it is always wise to ask the help of a professional contractor for installation to avoid incorrect foam application.

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