What Are the Different Types of Roofing Materials?

Roofing is the most essential most part of your home and one that completes the whole structure. It secures and protects the inhabitants and also the various belongings that are kept in that house. Without a roof your house is of no use and has no purpose whatsoever.
Roofing materials are as diverse and complicated as there are cultures around the globe, but we are only going to discuss the ones that are most popular in the US. Depending on the area where you live in, whether it rains too much or has warm sunshine throughout the year or has cold climate, different styles of roofing have emerged. These different styles of roofs safeguard the house from the elements of the local weather.
Tiles make up a sizable proportion of the roofing part that Americans use. Tiles are very popular and very effective as it is heat and fire resistant material and Roof Triangle Name as such keeps your interiors cooler reducing your cooling bills. The only problem is that they are prone to get damaged due to strong winds and hurricanes.
Shingles are another type of good roofing material. Various types of shingles are available and one which is made of fiberglass is mainly used in place of the more traditional asphalt Roof Slates For Sale shingles because of their looks and affordability. They are extremely good at radiating the sunlight and also add a lot of gloss to the overall look and feel of your home.
Solar roofing is a new concept that has come directly from the awareness to conserve fuel and other sources of non renewable energy and increasing dependency on renewable energy. They are used in areas where there is abundant sunshine throughout the year. They suffice as a roofing solution and at the same time they also provide a lot of energy that can be used as an alternative to the power that one draws from the grid for consumption at home. Solar roofs come as small solar shingles that are fitted just like any other shingles, but the only difference is that they produce electricity from the sun light.
Metal roofing is used mostly in the commercial establishments because of their great tensile strength and the fact that they are fire-retardant and strong enough to last for many years. Metal roofing because of its great demand has come to be available in a lot of colors. You can also use metal roofing at home.
Slate roofing is a popular roofing solution which is in great demand because of its great longevity and strength. They are no doubt a bit pricey as an initial investment, but because of their longevity they pay off more than their worth.

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