What Is So Great About A Tile Roof?

Tile roof is one of the best options people can choose when the urge to install new roof arises. There are many types of this Rafter And Purlin Roof Construction kind of roof that can suit a homeowner’s taste. These types of roofs, of course have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Basic types of Tile
The first type of tile roof is called standard clay tile. This is often used in southwestern, Spanish mission or Italian styled homes. Homes which exude clean look are adapting clay tile. Another common is slate. Slates are thin pieces of rock which gives a house a natural and refined look. Interesting patterns could be made depending on the coloring of the slate tiles. The major option a homeowner has in looking for this type of roofing material is concrete tiles. Use of this kind of tile is quite broad as it can be made to look same with others.
What Advantages Do this roof offer?
One of the wonderful advantages of choosing this type of roofing material for your roofing need is it’s fire resistant. Though tile is really a wood underneath it can still provide greatly increased fire resistance. Aside from being fire resistant, this type Repairing A Metal Roof Leak of roof is also resistant to rot, mold, mildew and insects. You won’t have problems with these things plus it require only little maintenance and could last for a very long time. You could also has freedom to choose any color and style for your tile roof.
Why Might Tile Roofs Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired?
Tile roof has it’s advantages and also disadvantages. Being one of roofing materials that last longer, this roof’s major drawback is it’s cost. The cost for installation and repair are almost the same so don’t be surprised if you need to spend much when any repair for your precious roof is needed. Another tile roof’s disadvantage is it’s weight. Tile is really heavy so you have to be extra careful in handling one. Being prone to breakage is the third drawback of getting a tile roof. When heavy things fall or a person inexperienced walks on them, it will definitely break. When it breaks, you will now need to contact a skilled person to repair it. So make sure to be careful and attentive about it as regularly as you can.

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