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When Roofing Matters! Preventing Critters From Entering Your Home

If you’re hearing scurrying on your rooftop and it’s not the holiday season, you’re probably hearing more than Santa’s reindeer. Little creatures seek out attics because an attic seems like an ideal place to make a home — it’s sheltered, dry and warm. If you’ve found squirrels, raccoons, birds or any other unwelcomed guests in your attic, you’ll need to call an exterminator. Do not try this yourself! An exterminator will have the necessary tools to rid your house of small critters and will know how to avoid getting bitten. Once they’re gone, be sure to find out how they got into your home in the first place and repair any security breaches.
Trim The Trees
Trees are natural homes for a number of creatures so keeping them trimmed up and away from your house will eliminate the chance that Roof Restoration Wollongong animals have to crawl into your house. Keeping trees trimmed should be your first layer of defense against these creatures.
Contact A Roofing Contractor To Make Sure Your Roof Is In Good Shape
If you’re having issues with ice damming or clogged gutters, you may want to call out a contractor to come inspect your roof because these situations leave your home vulnerable to small creatures. Also, consider asking a roofing company to inspect your roof if it’s older than 15-20 years old. Your roofing contractor may recommend replacing it completely rather than simply applying patches. Realize that a patch might be a less expensive option in the short term, but if you’re constantly applying patches year after year, you might be better off having a roofing contractor replace the entire roof.
Call a roofing company each fall, before the snow starts to fall, or before the winds become heavy. Although it’s usually best to leave the external inspection to a contractor, you can inspect its strength from the inside. By going into your attic and turning off the lights on a sunny day, you’ll be able to tell if any light is peeking through the shingles. Although these holes might be small, they’re creating an invitation for small creatures to make their home, in your attic.
Make Sure There’s No Rotting Wood
Rotting wood is an invitation to critters because it’s soft, easy to chew and easy to claw. If you find rotting or water-damaged wood on your home, you’ll need to replace it. Today’s homeowners Purlin Roofing aren’t limited to the same cedar or treated lumber that was used in the past. Today’s materials include composites or those that are covered in aluminum that withstand rot and water damage.
There’s no reason to share your house with small creatures like squirrels, raccoons and birds. Instead, make sure your trees are trimmed, call a roofing contractor to ensure there’s no damage that can give critters an invitation to your house and check to make sure you don’t have any rotting wood around your home. Doing this will help keep your house critter free, and your family safe.

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