Why Insulation Matters When Working With Roofing Contractors

If you live in a cold weather climate, you might not like the sight of a snow-covered roof. After all, whether you have two inches or two feet of snow, a snow-covered roof typically means that winter has settled in and is there to stay for a while. However, a snow-covered roof is actually a great thing — it means your insulation is working. If heat is escaping outside of your home through the shingles, the snow will be completely melted. If you’re contacting roofing companies to have work done on your house, here are some things to think about concerning insulation.
Heat Your Home, Not The Outdoors
Insulating your home is vitally important, but it’s not something most homeowners give a lot of thought to. They assume that their houses are completely protected from the elements by the roof and the exterior structure. However, if the insulation is Properties Of A Roof insufficient, the house could be leaking warm air, which means that your house’s furnace is working hard to heat the cold outdoors. Many homeowners report that adding additional protection to a house pays for itself through reduced energy bills.
The insulation value is known as the R value. This refers to the resistance of air flow and the higher the R value, the better insulated your house will be. Different areas of the country have different minimum R values so what might work in snowy Chicago may not be the right choice in sunny Phoenix.
Types Of Insulation Types Of Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets
There are many different ways to properly insulate your home. Two of the most popular types are blanket and loose-fill. Blankets come in both batts and rolls and the insulating sheets are fitted to provide a barrier between the inside of the house and the elements outside. Loose-fill is blown or sprayed into place and because of this, is ideal for corners and other crevices. These aren’t the only two kinds of insulation, so do your research before deciding which type is best for your home.
Why Work With Roofing Companies
If you’re faced with repairing or replacing your roof, consider upping the insulating power of your home. Many roofing contractors will want to take a look at your attic to make sure it’s properly insulated. If it’s not, the work done by your roofing contractors will be in vain. Roofing companies are well-versed in what kind of R value you need for your area and will be able check for any weak spots in your insulation as they’re completing the roofing job. They’ll also have the experience and equipment that’s necessary to do the job correctly.
Keeping your home protected from the elements starts with a house that’s properly insulated. If you can hear the wind rushing through your house or you have a draft that just won’t go away, consider calling roofing companies to see if they can help you determine whether adding extra protection is the right choice. Don’t pay more in increased heating costs in the winter — make sure your home is properly protected.

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