Why Is It Important to Have Your Roof Inspected by a Professional Roofing Contractor?

I have been in the construction and renovations industry over 11 years and I’ve seen some strange things. Can you imagine that if you buy a brand new home it will only come with a year warranty for the roof? If it is new construction why wouldn’t it have warranty for a longer period? I think the finger is starting to point at the volume builder. Do they care? Not really after what I’ve seen.
About three months ago I responded to a service call in Ottawa and what a nightmare that was. Th homeowner took a recycle bin up to his attic and tied it on to the roof trusses to stop the water coming down to his bedroom. He phoned the builder about this problem but the builder told him to take a hike. I went up on the roof and it was impossible not to see the problem is. The contractor that was hired by Selling Roofing And Siding the builder did an improper installation of the vent and it started to rain inside the homeowners bedroom. The solution was easy, I had to install a new vent and apply caulking on all the exposed nails. The question is how can we solve the problem with the volume builders? If you are buying, selling or building a home please have a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof before and after.
Be money wise. A small leak can ruin and or damage your home, office or estate. If you are building a new home and just got the keys for the main entrance enjoy the moment but get to work right away. Hire professional contractors to inspect the work that was done by the volume builder and report them one by one. You have one year from the day you enter that house. Enjoy your new home but don’t forget to make notes about all the things that you or the contractor stated that needs repairs. One year may sound very long but if you are working and have a family to take care of, you need to be right on the ball. Everyday after work inspect all the visible things that can go wrong and make notes of it. If you were to spend fifteen minutes a day looking for mistakes or problems I am sure you will have all the visible problems written down.
Make sure to ask any contractor that you hire for their insurance policy. Don’t hire a contractor Future Of Roofing Industry that is not covered. I hope my experience will help all the homeowners to wake up.
Thank you.
Yours Truly

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Roof Inspection

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