Your Standing Seam Roof Can Be Retrofitted Right Over Your Existing Roof

A standing seam roof can be prefabricated at the factory, or it can be fabricated right on site. This gives you the benefit of having every piece made to fit the Combination Roof exact measurements of your particular roof. These types of roofs can be made of metal, steel or aluminum, and are made to be completely water tight when finished.
The benefits that you’ll enjoy when choosing this type of roof are many, including the fact that most will come with a fifty year guarantee. Some are Can You Sweep Your Roof now even coming with a lifetime guarantee. That’s a pretty good feeling, knowing that you’ll do your roof once, and then never have to worry about it again.
The standing seam roofs, be them metal or aluminum, are constructed of interlocking panels that can be secured directly into the roofs sheathing or into mounting brackets under each seam. Some systems are now designed so that you don’t even need any screws or fasteners. Each panel is snapped into place, firmly and securely, so they form a water tight and wind resistant seal. This system is available on a limited number of standing seam roofs, and you pay a little more it, but it’s the easiest type to install.
What is attracting more and more people to type of roof is the fact that these panels can be made to look like other types of more attractive roofing products like slate and tile. They can also be retrofitted directly over top most existing roofs, so there’s no need for all the hard work of ripping the old shingles, or whatever’s covering your roof right now. The money you’ll save on the labor costs of taking your old roof off will certainly make up for the little bit extra you’ll pay for a standing seam roof.

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