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9 Steps on How to Build a Duck House Using Wood – You Can Save Money and Provide Care For Your Ducks

By master Feb17,2023

9 Steps on How to Build a Duck House Using Wood – You Can Save Money and Provide Care For Your Ducks

Ducks need houses just as humans do. Unfortunately, not all people know how to build a duck house. So, they buy expensive duck houses from stores instead. In reality, a duck will not care if its house costs ten dollars or a few hundred dollars. What it needs is protection and not some fancy lair. Anyway, if you want to learn how to build a duck house using wood, you can read these steps:

1. First, you need to get a housing plan. If you do not know how to build a duck house, chances are you do not know how to design one either. So, it is advisable that you purchase one from a reliable seller or you get a free one from the Internet.

2. Next, you have to gather the necessary tools. You have to go to the hardware store to buy the needed materials for the duck house.

3. Lay out the duck house design and pencil draw the various pieces onto the wood. Remember the importance of cutting once and measuring twice.

4. Cut the materials to their proper sizes. Follow the cutting instructions on your plan. Make sure that you cut carefully so as not to encounter any accident. Once the wood is cut, you should end up with a roof, a back, a floor, two sides, and a front.

5. Then, you have to dry fit all the parts. Make sure that you check the angles and dimensions. Also, you must not be in a hurry to use the screws. Now is not yet the time for them. You have to fit all parts together and double-check before you drill and fast.

6. Make a hole for entrance. Actually, it is easier to drill the hole prior to assembling the box. The hole would be cleaner if it is drilled from both sides of the wooden board. You can use something such as a rasp to smoothen the opening.

7. Create traction and begin assembling. When you assemble the parts, it is better if you will use exterior deck screws since they can create better designs that can withstand various elements.

8. Create drainage and an access point. These will enable you to access the interior of the house and clean it.

9. Check if the duck house is ready to be used. Well, this is the final step on how to build a duck house. If you think that the house is ready, you can bring it outdoors to test.

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