How to Choose the Curtain Accessory?

By master Feb 5, 2023

How to Choose the Curtain Accessory?

The curtain accessory is to the curtain what the jewelry is to the woman. The appropriate curtain accessory can make the curtain become the focus of the house, while the wrong accessory will make the curtain look ugly. Therefore, when you make the curtain, you should choose the curtain accessory in earnest.

The curtain rod

It is used to hang the curtain. When you choose the curtain rod, you should think about whether its style and color suit the curtain well, and you should pay attention to the following tips:

I. You should pay attention to the thickness of the rod.

If the rod is too thin, it can’t hold too heavy things, and it may be broken easily.

II. You should pay attention to what material the rod is made from.

You should pay attention to what material the rod is made from because different kind of material has its own advantage and disadvantage. Generally speaking, the plastic rod is apt to ageing. The wood one is prone to cracking and being damaged by worms. The aluminium alloy rod has tedious colors. As for the iron rod, its paint is easy to remove. Among all types, the stainless steel rod is the best, but it is very expensive.

The curtain rail

It is also used to hang the curtain. Compared with the curtain rod, it has many advantages. For example, if the rail is of high quality, it can be bent freely, so it is often used to decorate the special shape window, such as the window of ace shape and the window with turnings. Meanwhile, if you install the curtain rail to hang the curtain, the curtain can be opened and closed very smoothly. In addition, it can be side-mounted on the wall as well as top-mounted on the cell, making it attractive to many people.

The window drapery

It once was the indispensable accessory for the curtain, but now it is slowly fading out.

The hanging decoration

The hanging decoration made from the chemical fiber is more favored by people because it is more simple and delicate. The type of the hanging decoration is various. Some are big and round, some are small and handmade. Among them, tassels are the most common to see on the market. It once was the symbol of wealth and power in Europe. Now many people like to decorate their curtains with it, which makes their houses look very romantic.

Besides of the accessories mentioned above, there are many other kinds of accessories, including curtain holdbacks, hooks, finials, wall fasteners and end brackets, etc. You can choose any types you like to decorate your curtain. visit

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