Crucial Documents in a Sales Pitch

Sales does not have to be a strictly yes or strictly no proposition. Many times a prospect will tell you they “want to think about it.” Most salesman regard this as a kiss of death. But it doesn’t have to be.
If you could go home with the prospect you could keep on selling couldn’t you? You could elaborate on the advantages of your product and you could continue Roofing Business Near Me to knock down objections. But that is not possible. You may only get one chance to go eyeball to eyeball. But the selling does not have to stop there.
If you give the prospect some sales literature as they are walking out the door then you can keep right on selling despite not being within earshot of them. You can also do some things with the sales literature that you couldn’t do in person. Graphics and Photographs will add interest and also give compelling evidence of the excellence of your product.
Great advertising copy is “sales in print.” This technique will work especially well in industries where it is common for the customer to get price estimates such as roofing. When a roofing contractor goes to a home to give an estimate he has an obligation to make a good impression and to also give a good price.
The price doesn’t necessarily need to be the lowest but if it isn’t the contractor had better show his bid offers the best value. Most people are smarter than business people give them credit for and they know that the cheapest may also be the crappiest. Buying a roof that will soon leak is hardly a bargain.
On the other hand, most people don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for superior craftsmanship if it will result in a better roof. Showing people Roofing Sheets Price In Kerala how long you have been in business is one way of demonstrating quality. This tactic will work for both residential and commercial roofing.
If you are doing a good job of demonstrating value then you will get more work even if the number of bids stays the same. Instead of trying to have the phone ring more often try to provide higher perceived value to the existing number of bids.
The problem for the contractor is to communicate this value to clients. Almost all contractors say they provide quality work, the customer hears it from everybody that bids on the work. The smart contractors know that it is far better to demonstrate quality than to talk about it.

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