Decorative Drapery Hardware Installation Tips and Tricks

By master Jul 24, 2022

Decorative Drapery Hardware Installation Tips and Tricks

Window treatments can really change a room by adding stunning impact and highlighting the views from the window.Sometimes the most dramatic window treatments require installing various types of decorative drapery hardware, and this hardware must be installed correctly and uniformly to ensure that window treatments look superb.

Most window fashions start with the installation of a curtain-rod, the basis for holding up the valence, curtain, sheer, or drapery. When installing a curtain rod, it is best to decide how far out from the window frame you want the rod to stick out, and then to screw in the curtain rod mounts in the closest studs to the window frame. You can use a stud finder, or rely on tapping the wallboard until it does not sound hollow, in order to find the stud. Next make sure that the mount is positioned so that it is high enough that the curtains will cover the top of the window. Placing the mount higher than the top of the window by a few inches usually looks better. Hold the mount up and use a pencil to mark the location of the bottom screw hole. Then drill a hole into the wall for the screw. Hold the mount back up and using the drill, put the screw in the bottom of the mount. Level it, and screw in the top screw.

Next put the finials on the end of the curtain rod if it is not already attached. Put the curtain-rod into one end of the mount, walk to the other side of the window with the other mount and the curtain-rod in your hand. Hold the mount up with the curtain rod in it, and using a level across the top of the rod, raise the mount until it is level with the other side. Mark the mount bottom screw hole, and in the same manner as before, screw in the mount.

Remove the curtain rod from the mount. Unscrew one finial and either slide on curtain rings or the curtain panel. Attach the curtain to the rings if applicable, and hang the curtain rod in the mounts. Measure up from the window frame and out from the window frame the same distance as the first curtain you set so that all subsequent mounts are equidistant and your curtains look uniform.

The next piece of decorative drapery hardware to install is the hold back. Decide where on the window frame you want your curtains to be synched in, measure the same distance from the frame on all windows, and screw in the hold backs so that they are also uniform. In this manner, your curtain installation and decorative drapery hardware will really enhance your room décor.

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