Shower Curtains – Adding Beauty to a Bathroom

By master Jul 29, 2022

Shower Curtains – Adding Beauty to a Bathroom

Shower curtains have the practical functions of providing privacy to those taking showers and preventing water from splashing all over the bathroom. However, as the largest single item in a bathroom, they also have important decorative functions and different types require special care. Consumers should consider all these points and be informed before purchasing them.

Shower curtains are suspended from the ceiling or from a railing installed about seven to eight feet from the floor of the bathroom. These curtains are typically installed so that they fall inside of the bath tub or the shower enclosure. The reason for this is to have the water hit the curtain and drain off into the tub or shower area so that the bathroom does not get wet.

Some curtains are made from fabrics such as cotton and other absorbent materials, but these shower curtains must be dried frequently. The better option is to use curtains made from water proof material such as vinyl, plastic or rubber.

No matter what material the curtains are made of, they need to be occasionally dried out or else they develop molds which are adverse to good health.

These curtains come in many colors and designs so one never needs to worry about not being able to find a perfect curtain. Everything from translucent to completely opaque curtains can be found depending on one’s tastes. With so many colors and designs to choose from, there is no need to worry about having to paint a bathroom to match a curtain. There is no doubt of being able to find a curtain to match the bathroom decor.

Normally shower curtains require special rails installed in order for them to be easily removed and replaced. The rails provide a sliding mechanism for the curtains and a way to easily hook them up or take them down when they are being dried or discarded for newer ones. The system is typically to string up new shower curtains using the hooks stitched into the curtains with the hoops permanently installed on the shower curtain rail.

The rail may be specially designed to take the shape of the bath tub in order for the curtains to better fall within the bath tub or the shower room. Sometimes shower doors or shower screens are used in place of curtains, but these are permanent fixtures and not as versatile or attractive as curtains that can even be changed to match the seasons!

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