Does That Window Need Curtains?

By master Oct 9, 2022

Does That Window Need Curtains?

Curtains differ from draperies in that they are unlined, made of lighter weight fabrics and often operate by sliding tabs, grommets, rings, or sewn tunnels (pockets) along a rod. Draperies are usually lined, made of heavier fabric and operate by a draw cord mechanism which attaches to the fabric with hooks. Your window curtain designs can include sheer or lace curtains on a rod behind draperies to screen the view both from the inside and the outside of a room. Or you may hang a half-curtain over the bottom 3/5ths of a window for privacy while the remaining 2/5ths lets in light and exposes a treetop or mountain view.

Many homeowners opt for window curtain designs that forgo draperies, even a living room. Instead, you may use window treatments such as bottom curtains, valances, or tie-back curtains alone or in combination. Depending on your decor, these window curtain designs can be anything from the classic ruffled white sheers or creamy muslin for a country look, to contemporary panels with large metal grommets that thread onto a rod and create a columnar effect simply by pushing the panels to each side.

If you like the thermal efficiency of pleated shades or the light control of blinds, but feel that they give a Spartan look to a room, soften the look with curtain panels at each side. Add a cloth or covered-wood valance across the top. Alternately, use swag curtains that drape softly over a rod and hang shorter on one side than the other. This elegantly softens blinds and shades. Your window treatments can pick up colors from other decor such as accent pillows.

It’s your house. Don’t be afraid to do something different that will make your home and your windows more stylish. Curtains provide you with countless lovely options.

By master

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