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How to Add Color to Your Bathroom

By master Oct4,2022

How to Add Color to Your Bathroom

A lot of people want to add a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic bathroom design scheme. However, in small areas like bathrooms, too much color can quickly overwhelm the space. Here are a few pointers to help you add color to your bathroom room without making it too technicolor.

1. Change the bathmat

Oftentimes the bathmat is the only splash of color in the bathroom so change it up every once in a while! There are tons of different style within any given color scheme so you can change up the bathmat easily to add new colors and patterns to the room.

2. Paint the walls

Obviously this is only possible if your bathroom is not entirely covered in tile. If your tiling only goes halfway up the wall however, you can paint the upper sections of the walls to add color. Try not to pick anything that will make the space feel too confined or smaller than it already is. Orange hues are great for the complexion, greens are not.

3. Add a mirror

Add a mirror with a colorful frame. Personally, I love antique (or antique-looking) mirrors that have gold, silver, or bronze metallic frames. These make great additions in the bathroom as they make the space feel larger and can make great d?�cor for boring walls

4. Get a New Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are the centerpiece of the bathroom, so if you have a boring one you might feel like your entire bathroom is boring. Shower curtains are an easy way to add color to your bathroom. Your colorful shower curtain doesn’t have to be a solid color block, you can choose one that has a bright pattern or motif. This way you can add color as a subtle accent to the room.

By master

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