Effectively Tackle Static Cling With a Static Eliminator

By master Oct 1, 2022

Effectively Tackle Static Cling With a Static Eliminator

Static eliminators are commonly used to control static electricity that can hinder many processes. These tools utilize advanced electro-static technology in order to minimize static electricity related problems that affect product quality, production speeds. This ensures that downtime is decreased and your rejects are minimized. Other equipment such as an air curtain can also be used to uniformly dry a surface before it is further processed.

A drum pump, which also operates with the help of pressurized air and vacuum, is useful in sucking up liquid spills.

In this article, we shall see the use of static eliminators in different industrial processes:

Packaging and converting: A lot of plastics are used in this sector. Static causes sticking, jamming and clinging among various plastic and rubber media. This leads to downtime and your workforce is also exposed to the risks of shock. However, with the use of an ionizing bar, the film and paper used for packaging can easily be wound, coated or slit.

Plastics industry: In plastic-related operations such as molding, forming and extruding, static electricity can attract dust and cause flow problems. By installing ionizing bars, your machines can run smoothly, ultimately adding to your bottom lines. These units ensure that all your operations such as winding, wrapping, weaving, carding and slashing can be effectively carried out.

Printing sector: Ionizing bars can be mounted over delivery piles, rolls and printing press feed to keep them all static free. This immensely reduces chances of misfeeds in the delivery line and improves the speed of your process. These units can be used with a variety of machines such as printing presses, folding and sheeting machines and other such units. With the right use of such ionizing bars, dust is almost entirely eliminated. These bars can also be installed in dark rooms, scanning, stripping and other printing-related operations.

Painting and finishing: The presence of dust and other fibrous particles on freshly painted surfaces can lead to an uneven finish. The use of ionizing bars is an effective solution for this. These bars are best used before coating and spraying operations. Dust effectively stays away from plastic and metal parts. These bars also come in handy for polishing and buffing operations where the presence of dust is a strict no-no.

Electronics industry: A number of electronic manufacturers assemble their products in ‘clean rooms’. It’s important to use static eliminators in these rooms so that dust or other particles do not stick to the electronic components. These units also come in handy for applications wherein soldering is involved. Such static electricity eliminators can be mounted above the work area to effectively control static.

There are other air operated products like an air curtain and drum pump that can be used for drying surfaces and sucking up liquids respectively. Thus, it is evident that the use of static eliminators can increase the speed and safety of many processes.

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