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Don’t Holdback From Curtain Holdbacks

By master Oct22,2022

Don’t Holdback From Curtain Holdbacks

I like my windows neat and beautifully draped, complete with holdbacks and sunlight (if only I can have sunlight passing through my window all day). There is nothing more disappointing to me that when I walk into a room and see a bare window, or worse a window with deep, dark and thick curtains with no curtain holdbacks; I feel like I’m looking at a woman with tousled and messy hair which is everywhere around a beautiful face; such a waste. This is why whenever I check in to a hotel, the first thing I do when I get to my room is I check the windows, and push the curtains apart then hold them back. I don’t know why, but a beautiful window consoles and comforts me, like a hot chocolate in a winter night.

When it comes to curtains designs however, I prefer mine light and sheer as much as possible, it can carry a spectrum of bold and bright colors but it has to be sheer, I don’t like dark and thick drapes or curtains for I feel that they are acting more of a barricade than a decoration. And as important are holdbacks for curtains which I can never do without. And because my curtains are all light and sheer, my holdbacks are sleek and simple, most of what we have in our home are streamlined stainless steel holdbacks that can accentuate all kinds of curtain designs and give it a contemporary touch. I don’t like the ostentatiously ornamented ones because I feel they can overpower my choice of curtains and draw the attention to the holdbacks alone instead of the combination of the holdbacks and curtains and their overall effect in the room. I have seen these magnetic curtain holdbacks from on online shop and I am planning on getting a few pairs, because it can holdback your curtains in more ways than one without the need of installing wall hooks and the like.

Another thing I like to do is check out curtains online, because I don’t only have wide array of choices, but I also gain new ideas on how to style and design my windows from their sample photos. Each curtain imposes a different mood and theme to the window where it hangs and most of all to the room. Window treatments are best accommodated by drapes or curtains and accompanied by holdbacks, for the elegant and stylish look. Just remember that curtains and curtain holdbacks should work hand in hand, one should not overpower the other, so that you have a balanced and stylish window treatment.

By master

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