Silent Gliss Curtain Track – What it is and What it Can Do For Your Windows

By master Oct 20, 2022

Silent Gliss Curtain Track – What it is and What it Can Do For Your Windows

Invented in Switzerland in the early 1950’s, the brilliant idea of a Swiss engineer to develop this first track system which led to the foundation of Silent Gliss. Silent Gliss Curtain Track and other curtain and blind systems made by the company are covered by their unique 5-year guarantee. The majority are designed to be operative in both the domestic and commercial sectors which gives you a comprehensive choice and flexibility of product use. Backed by the internationally recognised seal of quality management ISO 9001, they offer an unprecedented level of quality and service throughout their entire range of products.

Silent Gliss curtain track is a precision engineered aluminium track and is found all over the world, guaranteeing smooth, trouble-free operation. It offers an extensive range which covers systems from lightweight direct fix to systems suitable for very heavy interlined curtains. Using the simple combination of high-grade nylon and the precision-engineered aluminium track, the curtain track is the most efficient system available.

Cord operated Silent Gliss Curtain Track prevents the soiling of curtains by frequent handling and enable the user to control heavy, awkward or difficult to reach curtains. All of the cord operated tracks, have internal cord channels – or tunnels, which prevent the cords from jumping out which makes the Silent Gliss Curtain track particularly suitable for curved or swept bay windows and bay windows which require reverse bends, which bring the curtains back out into the room.

Also available are a range of efficient and reliable electrically operated curtain track systems, which can be operated by remote control. They are designed for conference rooms, theatres, and auditoriums as well as the domestic market where ease and comfort along with an extra sense of security are major considerations. The motor is attached direct to the bottom of the track into a gear housing, where a toothed Teflon belt effortlessly transports the curtain back and forth.

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