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Door Air Curtain – A Great Energy Saver

By master Sep10,2022

Door Air Curtain – A Great Energy Saver

Most commercial, industrial and residential establishments these days use a door air curtain for a major reason – cutting their monthly electric consumption. Remarkably this piece of equipment has proven such relief in the payment of electricity bills to those who have been using it.

If you do not quite understand how the saving of energy happens, let us first have an overview of how it works.

This device, which is commonly placed at the entrance of most structures, functions in the concept of directing and invisible stream of cooled or heated air downwards. This same concept makes it very effective in trapping the cooled or heated air inside the room or building.

A door air curtain works hand in hand with an air conditioner which may be used as a cooler or a heater. Once a place is being cooled or heated, the internal air is being kept inside by this piece of technology while the external air is being prevented from coming in. Thus, it reduces the energy an air conditioner has to use up in expelling cooled or heated air. Moreover, it reduces the heat transfer between two spaces especially spaces that are being cooled and are impossible to be separated by a real door in place.

Since more and more establishment owners have seen the energy saver quality of this device, air curtain manufacturers have mass-produced it in different sizes. There are sizes that will suffice for the cooling or heating needs of a small room or a spacious warehouse.

Designed to provide a steady gush of cooled or heated air, they are very valuable during cold and warm months of the year. During winter, they help lighten the load of heating systems. They trim the loss of heated air which flow out of open entrances. Come summer time they reduce the intensive use of air coolers as they prevent the loss of cool air. More than that they function as repellant to dirt, dust and fumes which affects the conditioning – cooling or heating – of air in a certain place.

In connection to this, the high technology that air curtains possess creates an invisible wall of air. This air wall serves as a barrier that divides two environments of different temperature even with the absence of a door. Hence, air from outside which may contain the above-mentioned pollutants are blocked and the conditioned air inside a place remains clean and intact. Sound like the function of an air purifier too, right?

Next to being an air purifier, it also functions as an air knife. This is perfect for any spot cooling needs. Instead of using additional pieces equipment for these, an air curtain can do this single-handedly. Again, much energy and money is saved.

Besides saving energy, a door air curtain also saves time – time spent in combating the different flying insects that may infest any place. You do not have to worry anymore about the heath hazards you might catch from these filthy creatures as the air wall air curtains produce shall force their exit.

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