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By master Sep 16, 2022

There are many tall freestanding wine fridges available in the marketplace. They come in various single and dual-zone wine coolers at Bodega43 Wine Cooler shop UK. We will discuss the terminology later. A tall freestanding wine fridge can be described as a cooling system used to store fine collections of wine in an environment essential for preservation. Some are reserved for shorter periods.

And then there are those, for instance, dark and mellow red wine, that need to be stored over a longer time. But, again, depending on the wine connoisseurs’ choice of taste. Tempered glass doors are another feature that protects the wine bottles inside the fridge from harmful UV rays that can ruin the desired taste of the wine being stowed away.

Protecting wine from harmful sunlight started as early as  3,600 years ago. The first known wine cellar was discovered in the city of Tel Kabri. This cellar was also designed to protect and shield the wine in storage from the sun. Although this discovery is far from today’s modern wine fridges, it started the evolution of storing expensive and sought after wine bottles.

Terminology explained

We are not all informed about the terminology linked with our decision making when it comes to free-standing or compact wine fridges or cabinets.  And this jargon will be explained below.

Light strike

The light strike is widely used to describe when the damaging UV light floods wine bottles. Then this, in turn, makes molecules in wine react incorrectly.

In addition, some elements affected range between vital riboflavin and pantothenic acid, also known as Vitamin 5. The essential components within the wine give it the required taste.

Climate control

Climate control is known as the correct preservation of temperature. Ranges around fifty degrees celsius. And the optimal humidity needed is around 70%. This proper temperature can be achieved in a tall wine fridge as long as the compressor and fan work optimally. Any faults occurring during this storing environment might damage the delicate taste of wine needed and appreciated, whether red or white. If the temperature is compromised by fluctuation, it will lead to the wine contracting or expanding too rapidly.


Next, this is vital for providing the perfect storage environment for wine. It is called ventilation. This pivotal aspect of wine cooling and collecting is where the unit provides the correct flow of cool air inside the unit and expels unwanted hot air.

Consider the space

We discuss the optimal space needed for a taller version of a wine fridge. However, these units come in various sizes. From a compact bar fridge or a wine cabinet. The preferred shape and size depend on the wine lover’s needs.

In addition, a free-standing unit is seen as the optimal choice, as it needs less space than a conventional compact version. It is also portable and can be placed anywhere around the home or workplace. This freestanding version also has a larger storage capacity. It also allows the purchaser to enjoy this unit’s sleek design as a visually appealing piece of art inside the desired room.

Whether you prefer red wine, which played a religious role to ancient Egyptians. Or white wine, which originated back in old Chinese and Iranian cultures. The final decision on the wine fridge is up to you.


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