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Energy Efficient Roof Systems

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Roof technology is evolving in terms of an energy efficiency perspective. The use of radiant barriers, reflective pigments and other techniques can lower roof surface temperature considerably and help conserve energy also.
ENERGY STAR Roof Products
With Americans spending close to $ 40 billion for their air conditioning needs annually, the need to reduce energy costs is high. That’s why ENERGY STAR qualified products are gaining immense popularity. They can bring down cooling demands by 10-15% during the peak hours. This international, government-backed program has helped businesses and home protect the environment while enjoying a safe, durable roofing system. Their products meet the stringent energy efficiency guidelines and are an ideal option for homes and offices.
Energy Efficient Roofing Companies Near Me That Finance Roofing Options
If you have decided to install roofs which help conserve energy for your home or office, you will need to find the type which best suits the building. An experienced roofing contractor can help you decide between metal, membrane or tile roofs. Most of the existing options are Roofing Business Near Me easy to install and last long. Hence you do not have to worry about the time and resources spent to install them or the need to replace it soon. Cool roofing is also an option to keep your home or office cooler in summer, bringing down air conditioning costs considerably.
If you need to save money while building your new home or renovating your office, you can start with your roofs. With the choice of various energy efficient roofs, you are eligible for various tax credits also.

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