So You Want to Be a Roofing Contractor!

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Sooner or later homeowners may need the expertise of roofing contractors to repair or replace their roof. This means that the opportunity is wide open for people who have the desire to become expert contractors. Though no certification is needed to perform the necessary tasks, most homeowners usually prefer Commercial Roofing Leads a licensed contractor as this is a requirement of most local governments. A commitment to the profession is necessary to become the type of construction company that a homeowner would want to hire to work on their home. Following are some helpful tips on how to become a professional in this industry.

Learn the Trade

A professional in this trade must know how to construct a roof properly and ensure that it will perform well under all types of weather conditions. The knowledge and skills needed in this profession can be acquired by working with another contractor for a certain amount of time. Once a person is competent in performing this type of work and has learned all of the necessary skills, they can venture out on their own. The proper skills and knowledge can also be acquired by attending a construction program at a local community college or technical training center. Below are some of the aspects of a roofing system that an aspiring construction worker needs to learn.

Flashings – This part of the housetop consists of the step tins, gutter apron, ventilation cover, valley metal, chimney flashing, and vent pipes. From time-to-time, homeowners may need to have their flashings inspected and when necessary, have them replaced. The majority of damaged flashings are caused by leaks.

Ventilation – This element is essential to the roofing system. If the proper balance is lacking in a ventilation system, it will eventually lead to severe damage to both the rafters and decking of the structure whereas a properly vented structure will help increase the life of the structure. The ventilation system includes the gable, power vents, ridge and soffit vents.

Roof Deck – This is the structural component that supports and holds everything together on the home’s roofing system. Maintaining the integrity of the deck is critical since it supports the structure’s loads and holds the flashings and shingles in place.

Obtain Insurance Coverage

It is very important to obtain insurance when doing construction work. Insurance protects the workers as well as the hiring entity from any lawsuits that may arise during a construction project. It is best for a contractor to obtain personal injury and property damage insurance coverage. Visit the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) website to find detailed information about the various types of insurance packages that are specifically designed for contractors.

Get a License

Visit the nearest agency appointed by the local government and pass any exam that is required by the city or county government in order to obtain a license. Before taking any exam, it is recommended to visit the Prometric web-site to find out exactly what is needed when applying for a license. Prometric is the national accredited testing organization that regulates licenses for all contractors. On their website, all one needs to do is choose the state and city where they are located and it will bring up the requirements and testing process in each state in order to become licensed.

Join Associations Pitched Roof Construction Diagrams

Once a license is obtained, consider joining a national or regional roofing association. A contractor will improve credibility and receive updates about the latest news in the industry by joining such a group as well as increase market visibility.

Experience helps mold the skills of contractors over time, so a person that is new to this trade should take every opportunity available to work on construction projects so they can increase their knowledge and improve their skills. Those who aspire to become a contractor must make sure to learn the trade thoroughly, obtain insurance coverage, and most importantly, obtain their license. These things will help in paving the way to a successful career as a contractor in the roofing industry!

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