Fact and Fiction in Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing has been around for centuries. Perhaps because of this, there’s a great deal of misinformation around about this field. Some of these are mere exaggerations, while others are just clearly false. By clearing fiction from fact, you’ll be able to better decide whether metal roofing materials are right for your specific situation and needs.
Problems With RustThere’s this crazy rumor with metal roofing materials that they’ll rust after a short period of time out in the elements. This was probably started by someone who had a bad experience with a centuries old tin roofed barn. Modern metal materials will not rust. Period. This is because How Much Does Roof Painting Cost they have been specially treated with coatings that stop the metal from reacting with water or air. There’s no chance of this coating falling off somehow – it’s applied at the factory directly. The finishing layer generally hides this coating so that the metal’s aesthetic appeal is left intact.
Walking the Metal RoofSomehow the idea that it’s impossible or a safety hazard to walk on a metal roof got into people’s heads. This is simply untrue. It’s no more a safety hazard to walk a metal roof than any other kind, provided you have the right information on how to do it. If you need to walk a metal roof, it’s important that you talk with the professionals who installed it so that they can give you the best information possible. Don’t feel intimidated, feel informed instead.
Lightning StrikesAn old myth states that metal roofing is much more likely to be struck by lightning. This is just bad science. Metal conducts electricity, but that has nothing to do with attracting lightning. There have even been documented cases of lightning passing right by metal roofs to strike Roofing Company In Usa at nearby trees. Grounding your roof is possible if you’re still unconvinced, but think, what’s the worst that could happen if it did get struck? Metal doesn’t catch on fire the way that other roofing materials do anyways. If anything, having a metal roof should make you feel more secure, not less.
Noise PollutionThis rumor was probably started by the same guy who had the problem with old tinny roofs. It says that excessive noise happens every time any kind of weather comes by, especially steady rain. This is not a problem with modern roofing materials, which have sound damping layers. So unless the contractor did a poor installation job, you shouldn’t hear the rain any more than under any other kind of roof. Make sure you have solid sheathing for effective noise cancellation!
Just the FactsArmed with the facts it’s clear that metal roofing materials have huge advantages when it comes to keeping you safe and secure at home.

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