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Fashionable Curtain Styles

By master Jan14,2022

Fashionable Curtain Styles

Curtains have the ability to make a room appear nice and airy or gloomy. The curtains hung in your home can speak about people who are living in it. This is the reason why women spend time choosing the right curtain styles.

Hanging a curtain from pelmets is not in style anymore. These days, different headers and styles for curtains are out in the market. Some people have a curtain set for the winter and another set for the summer.

You will be able to find different fashions of headers and curtains. The most familiar is the typical one. There is an inch-wide tape used and is assembled into a thin even header. This type is typically used on cottage and dormer windows. It can be used for curtains without the need for a curtain rod.

Another heading style is the pencil fold or pleat. It is used when there’s no valance or pelmet. This style offers a good look for curtain headers. It is also used in contemporary styles. You just need to keep in mind that when purchasing a curtain fabric, you will require 2 1/2 times more cloth than the window’s width.

You can also use a French pleat style. It is used on window curtains that are heavy such as velvets. Additional stiffeners are used as well. The pleats fan on the window from corner to corner. Just like the French pleat, this style also requires 2 1/2 times more cloth than the size of the window.

The slot pleat can be made easily. The slots are slashed in the header where the pole is inserted. This appearance can be enhanced by letting a quality curtain stand over the pole. The size of the cloth should be 2 1/2 times wider than that of the window. You also have to determine the slot spacing that you want.

Another style is the puffball design. With this style, you can make your curtain look like a slot pleat curtain. The only difference is that you have to keep 12 inches over the slots. After hanging the curtain into the pole, puff up the upper portion.

These are the typical styles for curtains. There are also other new styles that you can find. The designs depend on the type of window as well as pelmets. The style should blend with the decorations present in the room. The material used for the curtain should also have a good fall.

Before purchasing a material, you have to determine the style that you want. The amount of cloth that you require depends on the style of curtain. You would not like running out of fabric or finding out that the fabric you bought is in excess.

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