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Fixing Roofs Before a Roofing Company Comes

The winter months can be very hard on roofs. The freezing, defrosting, and massive amounts of moisture can cause roofs to crack and drain water into a house. During the winter, having a leaking roof can not only become quite burdensome, but it can also rack up ridiculous heating bills. Before a roofing company in Lafayette can come out to professionally repair the damage, there are a few quick fix techniques that can hold the roof over for a little while.
One of the best ways to temporarily fix a leaking roof is to smear black roof putty. This can be purchased at almost any home supply store, and will clock the leak for a good amount of time. Locate the exact area of the leak, and then spread the putty over Roof Replacement Insurance Process the area with a spatula. The best part about roofing putty is that it can be applied to a wet roof, so it doesn’t have to be dry to start working. However, this is not a permanent fix, and contractors should be contacted before any more damage is done.
Another great way to keep a roof in decent condition until professionals can get out is using a tarp. A tarp can be placed over the leak by stapling it down to secure the plastic. However, this is not Selling Roofing And Siding a suggested fix for extremely damaged roofs as standing on a roof like that could cause more problems than worth it. It’s important to analyze the roof’s situation before walking around on top of it.

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