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What is a Roof Recycling Program?

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In the past, we here in Southern California would just throw things away without much concern as to how it affected the environment. Construction debris became one of the main How To Improve My Roofing Business problems facing landfills over the years. To solve this problem more and more communities are creating recycling programs, and a roof recycling program alone helps a lot.
Many old roofs are being recycled all over the world. Some types of roofing materials are even being recycled and reused on other buildings.
Old tile roofs are typically recycled and reused in the greater Los Angeles area. Old Spanish tile shingles can be salvaged and reused on other buildings as a way to save money. These tiles are removed from old buildings and taken to another site where they are inspected and sorted. Tiles that can be reused are then cleaned and treated. After that they are repackaged and resold for use on other buildings.
It is not just Spanish tiles that are used in a roof recycling program. Just about all other types of roofing materials can be recycled as well.
Asphalt roofing materials are used on over 80% of all homes in Southern California, and these shingles make up the majority of most of the nations landfill problems. With an asphalt roof recycling program these shingles are hauled off and reused for things like asphalt pavement, aggregate base and sub-base, and even fuel oil.
It is estimated that the U.S. generates over 11 million tons on asphalt shingle waste per year. Of that waste 10 million tons of this waste is from homes that have been re-roofed. California Roof Restoration Meaning alone contributes 1.2 million tons of asphalt shingle waste per year. There is no way for California’s landfills to accommodate that much asphalt waste without future problems.
Anyone considering a re-roofing project should check to see what type of a roof recycling program is available in their area.

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