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How to Prepare Your Roof For the Hurricane Season

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Hurricane is a monstrous form of storm, which is characterized by strong winds and is usually accompanied by torrential rainfall, land and mud slides, and devastating winds. These cause a lot of damage to the house especially your roof and thus one should be well prepared in time and take adequate measures to prepare for the hurricane season. Since Hurricane Katrina caused destruction in Florida and Miami, people have understood the importance of hurricane prevention measure. Every tropical Roof Slates For Sale season brings the dire warnings of possible hurricanes. In the Atlantic Ocean most of the hurricanes are expected between June and November while in the Pacific, hurricanes occur between August and October. The biggest threat that comes with a hurricane is of strong gale. The winds accompanied by a hurricane are literally strong enough to sweep you off the ground. These gusty winds don’t even spare the homes and rooftops, abolishing every structure that they encounter in their path.
Your Roof During The Hurricane Season
Roofs are most vulnerable to the extensive damage caused by hurricanes and for proper protection of rooftops, you must ensure that the joint between roof and walls must be strong enough to sustain the uplift caused by low pressure above Roofing Business Online Course the rooftop and high pressure beneath. Most prone to danger are Gable-end roofs. Gable appears like a triangular top section of a side wall with pitched roof that acts as filler in the space where the slopes of the roof meet.
Generally built using trusses with mere plywood, the strength of these roofs is not strong enough to sustain the harsh winds of a hurricane. To improve the tensile strength of these roofs you can try adding iron braces to your gable roof. If truss bracing is not sufficiently present in your current roof structure, then you must take immediate steps to incorporate it, as it is one of the strongest measures against winds of hurricane.
Look Out For Loose Or Broken Shingles
Repair loose or broken shingles (if you find any) ahead of the hurricane season. Also, look out for loose hanging cables on your roof. Even if you have a flat roof, inspect the roof ahead of the hurricane season to confirm that everything is in good shape. Securing roof panels is also very important. Make these joints stronger by bolts and screws. Taking sufficient care of your roof, will provide you the much needed security in a hurricane.
Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage and thus prevention and preparation is better as this also reduces the expenses which one will have to make to mend the roof if something happens as a result of the hurricane.

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