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Frameless Glass Curtains

By master Dec19,2021

Frameless Glass Curtains

The frameless glass curtain, known to many as the frameless glass door, has now been released in the UK. Following a fast progression in the Mediterranean market for use on balconies, terraces and shop fronts the frameless glass door has now evolved to be used in the UK as a frameless patio door.

This did not come easy due to the many regulations that are set in the UK which state that the system must meet certain U-values, weather proofing and most importantly, must be double glazed. The system which first originated in Spain consisted of a single glazed system. This met building regulations in Spain but for it to be used on external walls in the UK it meant that double glazing had to be used.

Not to mention the U-values and weather proofing standards it had to meet. The original system is now used for room dividers in the UK but finally a double glazed frameless glass curtain has been developed which will meet all building regulations needed for it to be used externally. This system has taken decades to develop and is now finally reaching a point where it can be used for external as well as internal applications.

The release date for the double glazed frameless glass curtain is the beginning of April. It is important to be very weary when purchasing a double glazed frameless glass door, before parting with a penny make sure you have done your research. Any double glazed frameless door which has clear edges has a huge potential for mistakes. If the system you are buying has clear glass edges you could be in for a long ride. The sealant used on double glazed systems is known as hot-melt. When clear it means it generally won’t have sufficient humidity protection. The result of this is that a year later all the glass capsules will steam up and let in humidity and moisture.

A new type of hot-melt is currently being developed which will eradicate these issues and give the glass a reliable sealant which will keep the glass working efficiently for many years. As earlier discussed frameless glass doors come in a double glazed and single glazed version. One for internal use and the other for external applications such as patio doors.

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