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Designer Curtain Poles

By master Dec24,2021

Designer Curtain Poles

Window treatments define the beauty and functionality of windows, creating a style that flows with the rest of the room. Several elements make up the window treatment to create the desired look and feel or total effect. Since the eye always evaluates the window from top to bottom, the top attachment sets the tone for the window style.

Curtain poles have always been popular in countries around the world, and their designs and materials seem endless. The curtain pole attaches to the curtain by going through the curtain fabric in designated holes, such as eyelet fabric, which has decorative rings for insertion. The curtain can also be attached by its own rings attached to the top of the curtain, which are then slid onto the curtain pole.

The designer curtain poles come in many materials and weights to secure just about any type or weight of fabric. Instead of being hidden like a curtain rod, a pole creates the complete style effect, like the icing on a cake! Both the pole and the curtain fabric set the style together, but the pole is the most important factor. For example, a modern steel pole creating a minimalist, upscale feel would not blend well with a more traditional heavy velvet fabric.

Fortunately, it is easy for anyone to see what looks good together and what is not a good match. If in doubt, create several different combinations to view. Our eyes always tell us what pleases us, so the combinations are endless!

The pole comes in many diameters also, and attaches to the wall with decorative brackets, one at each end. Sometimes it will require a center bracket, depending on the length of the pole, the weight of the curtain, or both. These can also be fitted for bay windows with special attachments called “elbows”, which allow for angling around rounded areas. Regardless of the type of window, the exposed pole is always noticed first with its beautiful ethical finish, shape and texture.

It is those elements of the pole that set the feel and style of the window itself. After the pole is chosen, then the matching curtain fabric can be selected based on desired colors, current paint scheme and furniture. Existing furniture or cabinets with a definite style makes it easier to match the proper curtain pole for flowing style. There is a designer curtain pole for every persons taste!

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