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The Basics of Curtain Rails

By master Dec29,2021

The Basics of Curtain Rails

Curtain rails are designed to mount curtains or draperies on windows, doors or other places like showers. The are basically a pole or rod that consists of brackets, clips, rings or tabs. While few come with a drawing system that aid in closing or opening the curtain panels using a chord. These are available in attractive designs and styles to complement the d?�cor of a room.


Metal rails – These are ideally used for hanging large sized curtains. They are quite durable and long lasting. Although expensive, these rails are best for large windows. The rails are painted in white or black and are sold along with gliders, brackets and other such fixtures.

Uncorded curtain track rail – This type of curtain rail is used for bay or straight windows. They can be used to suspend heavy or medium sized draperies. Besides, the curtain can be corded only on straight runs and do not glide easily.

Auto glide electric rails – These rails have a capacity to hold curtains weighing about 15 kg. They feature a track and belt technology. The technology assists in trailing intruders or burglars entering the room. It is equipped with a user friendly timer unit which can be used to select custom timings to open or close the curtains. These rails can be used in areas with limited access to windows or in places with high ceiling levels. In addition, they come with a remote handset that enables you to easily operate the curtains from any area of the room.

Bendable rails – These antique type rails can be used on all types of windows. The metal construction keeps the rail in shape even when bent. It comes with a magnetic closure lock that holds the curtain edges as one joint in a closed position.

Shower curtain rails – These rails mostly available in stainless steel are used in the shower area of a bathroom. They can be cut and easily fit to the required size. Another added benefit is that they require less maintenance and are long lasting too.

Fixed pleat rails – These high quality rails are constructed to provide nice pleats to a curtain. They have the capacity to hold both small and large sized curtains. The rails are available in varying finishes like silver, bronze, black etc.

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