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Get a Novelty Shower Curtain and Be an Individual

By master Sep27,2021

Get a Novelty Shower Curtain and Be an Individual

We live in a world of magnolia walls with brilliant white ceilings and woodwork. We do what is expected, what other people expect and what sells our houses. Most people are doing the same. So where is our chance for individuality? If you don’t want to repaint your whole house and then have to do it again when it is time to sell then you need to look at items that can be changed more easily.

Of course, our possessions fulfill a lot of this desire for difference, but most of these are small. Larger items like furniture are once again dominated by standard design, unless you go for antiques and they are expensive. As a result, I think that a nice place to start being individualistic is to have a novelty shower curtain. This does not mean that the whole thing has to be kitsch. After all, it is just like one large canvas that can be used to show off something you think is inspiring.

In fact you don’t have to stop at just one shower curtain. You could have a whole range of them to suit your mood or occasions. Mood or atmosphere is probably the best word to use in the case of shower curtains, because that is exactly what you want to try and create for your showering time. If you think about it, the time that you spend in the shower first thing in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day. It is a time to think about things. In fact I always say that I have my best creative ideas in the morning during my shower and these are all stimulated by how you feel and what you see.

I really liked a set that I had once showing dolphins jumping and diving from the sea. I used to enjoy seeing them every time I went into the bathroom. There are shower curtains with countryside views to calm you down; tropical beaches to make you think of far places; sea shells and fish to remind you of your fantasy holiday destination and cartoon characters to make you smile.

Another use for novelty shower curtains is for special occasions such as parties and events. There are ones that are specially designed for Christmas and others for Halloween. Some of the most iconic designs that could be used at Halloween revolve around the shower scene from the film Psycho. I am not sure that you would want this particular one hanging all the time, but it certainly would be a talking point when it was in place.

You can also have them made up your own design and specification. This would then be even more unique and give a far more personal experience when showering.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and see what designs are available. You are sure to find something that you like. Also remember that they can make a good gift for birthdays and other celebrations.

By master

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