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The Finest Curtain Fabrics

By master Oct2,2021

The Finest Curtain Fabrics

Curtains are made to complement your windows aesthetically, as well as for their various practical purposes. They provide you with numerous perks, including privacy, shading your home from the sun and keeping pesky drafts at bay.

Curtains should never be overlooked as the ideal solution for sprucing up a bland room, in need of an extra personal touch. They can introduce a pleasant airy feel, an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, a zesty quality or simply function as a useful addition. When selecting your curtain material, you need to consider their varying roles in order to make a choice which suits your needs.


Using velvet for your curtain fabric lends a definite quality of luxury to an area. As it is normally manufactured in full-bodied, deep hues, the fabric goes brilliantly with carpeted rooms. It is also a striking accompaniment with antique furnishings and polished woods. Generally, it is chosen for rooms which face south, as its thickness is excellent for hindering cold air and keeping the warmth inside. However, despite its many stunning qualities, it is important to note that the textile is heavy and needs regular, expert cleaning.


Silk is another opulent choice. It is a favourite for women as it’s light, airy and contributes a softer, feminine feel. You can find a great many vibrant colours for this material, as it is known for its ability to effortlessly absorb dyes. It’s similar to velvet, as the fabric prevents drafts from infiltrating your home. However, it is best you keep it away from rooms which receive to direct sunlight, as the cloth is prone to fading. You can also help prevent sun-bleaching by adding an interlining, matching curtain to create more substantial panels. In addition, they can be altered into charming roman and balloon shades for a striking effect.


Linen has been used in the design of curtains over the course of several centuries, and it has lost none of its esteem in modern times. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s more affordable than its velvet and silk counterparts, whilst still being highly resilient and durable, as well as fade resistant. They are great for those parts of the house subject to surplus sunshine, or – due to their more masculine tone – for bachelor pads and male-dominated homes. However, it is wise to note that they can wrinkle easily, and should therefore be dry-cleaned frequently to help retain their shape.


Cotton is the most popular curtain material, being the least expensive of the overall range. It is an all-round, multi-faceted fabric made from natural fibres. It is a simple matter to interweave the fabric with other materials, which allows it to have a scope of different looks; from simple and minimalist to something classy and refined. You can find an impressive assortment, which comes in a massive medley of hues, patterns, designs, embroidery and motifs. An added advantage is its ability to wick moisture and remain undamaged. It is also very easy to have cleaned. This makes it a widespread option for kid’s rooms, and even shower curtains.

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