While Peering Through Net Curtains

By master Oct 6, 2021

While Peering Through Net Curtains

Net curtains are often used to beautify a room. They lend a definite air to decorating. They are rarely used by themselves. Often times they are combined with other types of window treatments. They can be very beautiful and decorative. You will find them in very many colors and styles.

They are traditionally used in the summer. This allows for cool breezes to enter houses. They are also very good for adding light to your rooms. You may see them on windows and windows of doors. You might consider them for keeping dirt, bugs, dust, and direct sunlight, out of your home. They are very good for separating rooms in sections. They may be more expensive than their solid counterparts. This is due to their intricate design and construction. If you are considering these sheer beauties, you have a large selection to consider. Here are a few to look at.


In France, the term voile means veil. Voile is a very lightweight material. It is often 100 percent cotton. Although it can be blended with other fabric like polyester, voile can be obtained in many colors. It is a durable fabric. It is also easy to work with. Cutting, shaping, and utilizing the material, is not difficult. Voile may be used as netting protection from mosquitoes.

As a single layer, voile works very well. It makes a fine window treatment. It will give you privacy and still allow light into the room. When layered, voile can have a dramatic effect on a room. Beautiful designs and textures can be achieved. You can layer it with fine material. It can also be combined with solid fabric.

Black voile is very popular for layering. Against contrasting colors like red and silver, it can be elegant and lofty in appearance. This mix and match method can be used with other designs to create a unique effect.


The cafe curtain is traditionally used in kitchen applications. However, there is no hard and fast rule about this. They tend to be less expensive, as they are not full length. They cover the bottom portion of windows.

A good way to display your cafe curtain collection is on rods. Stretch them between the window frames. This gives you an adjustment. You do not have to put them exactly half way down.

If you wish a layered look, hang them over other curtains. For more light, some people will leave a small gap between the top and bottom curtain. If you wish more privacy and less light, overlap them.


The jardiniere curtain has as unmistakable appearance. They are full length window treatments. They cover most of the window. However, there is an arc shaped gap at the bottom. This allows you to see out of doors.


Net curtains give you a variety of ways to beautify your home. They are often used in conjunction with other window treatments. Their wide variety of colors and styles, make them appropriate for many applications. Use them single or give a layered effect. You can lend your home a touch of style and elegance, with the right sheer effect. Voile treatments are perfect for full length decorating. Consider the cafe curtain for a special look. Jardiniere treatments will allow you to dress up your windows and still see outside.

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