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Interior Design for Your Bay Window: Curtain Rods, Custom Furniture and Style

By master Dec10,2022

Interior Design for Your Bay Window: Curtain Rods, Custom Furniture and Style

Bay windows can create a beautiful focal point for a room, flooding it with light and making the most of the view. They cry out for elegant curtains, custom curtain rods and window seats, but some people are unsure where to start. Bay windows can be awkward at times, but with a little effort are wonderful additions to any design scheme.

Window seats

Adding some seating is a great way to use the space created by a bay. A window seat fitted exactly into the space creates a romantic area which is somewhat secluded but gives great views and warmth from the sun. The seat can be dressed with some sumptuous cushions and a throw, creating the perfect space to read or sit with someone special.

Bay window curtain rods

You might think curtain tracks are the only option for bay windows, as these can be bent to the exact dimensions of the space, but there are now curtain rods and poles which do the same thing. Curtain rods create a more opulent, bold effect than tracks. Imagine having your dining table in the bay with a chandelier further into the room and luxurious curtains draped from antiqued metal or stainless steel poles. Rods can be bent to any shape, whether you have a square or round bay, and are suitable for eyelet curtains or more traditional rings. Curtain poles need supporting regularly along their length when they are used in bay windows, but clever design means the rings can move past the brackets with ease.

Use the space

As bay windows have openings on all sides, they create pleasant nooks filled with light. They are great locations for activities which either need illumination or benefit from the ability to see out, so they’re perfect for desks and dressing tables. Being able to look up from your computer screen is good for your eyes and applying make-up in natural light allows you to see the colours more clearly.

With square bay windows you may find a piece of furniture that will fit, but for semi-circular or angled designs you might need a custom piece created. If the table or desk fits perfectly in the space the effect will be more harmonious and, as with custom curtain rods, bespoke designs can be a definite plus.


Bay windows cry out for curtains that make some kind of statement. Floaty, light fabrics that pool on the floor can create an elegant, romantic atmosphere, while having a separate curtain for each window frames the space with a beautiful symmetry. Delicate curtains are better supported by corded curtain tracks, as they can then be opened and closed without touching them, but more drama can be created using bay curtain rods and poles.

It is important to choose a curtain design that suits the shape of the space and the feel of the rest of the room. In general, square bays give a strong, defined and masculine feel, while round bays suit softer, more feminine designs. Eyelet curtains can be good for a more modern feel, while tab tops allow the fabric to speak for itself.

Whatever you choose to do with your bay window, make sure you make the most of the light and space to create something stunning.

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