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Net Curtains – What Are They?

By master Dec8,2022

Net Curtains – What Are They?

Net curtains are pieces of clothe that people hanged on the Windows for two reasons, they prevent dust, Light and insects come into the house and for fashion and stylish purposes, made from laces. In the summer they are used to allow the breeze come into the house blocking partial ultraviolet light. In the paragraphs below, we are going to look deeper into these curtains and see what they are used for as well as the different types that exist.

There are different types of curtains like, bestany curtain, macey, ellie, galaxy, Margaret, trinity, blackgothic, blackspider, this two last ones add a romantic mood in a room and many others but the most popular are the following; jardiner curtain, this type is big enough to cover a Window, providing great coverage and privacy, you Could find a lot of patterns, designs and fashion style curtains for this type of piece; Cafe Curtain, usually used in the kitchen, smaller and cheaper it’s possible to combine it with other curtains; Voila curtains, they were first manufactured during the 18 hundreds and the 19 hundreds in Nottingham England, in the present day the curtains are produced and manufactured in Eastern Europe, India and china, made from semitransparent fabrics and decorated with beautiful patterns.

Usually all the curtains have nice and fashionable patterns like leafs, flowers, the most expensive curtains are the pure silk curtains, the price all depends on the type of work, if the curtains are from a fabric dedicated to make hundreds of this product, the price will be lower.

Curtains are becoming part of the interior design elements, it decorates a room, giving it some fashion style status, although curtains are used to block light and insects, they have being used as an accessory for the house. An interior designer must pay great attention in decorating the windows with curtains, because they’re very important to the decoration of spaces in the house, they add a special touch that makes the room, furniture and all the elements inside it stand out.

These products were first made and manufactured in the 17th century in England, since their appearance the English aristocracy and noble families used as a part of the fashion style of the time, to dress up the house, they were made from silk, cotton or wool.

In the 20th Century, curtain producers started to used non-natural fibres to add a different stylish treatment and to reduce the costs of producing. Nowadays, most of the curtains are made from polyester of at least 50 percent polyester, with this type of material it is easier to add nice patterns and fashion design.

Although there are a lots of synthetic material curtains, the ones that are handmade are still valued more, because of the work and, the natural materials, wool, cotton, silk, they Could be very expensive.

Net curtains don’t just provide privacy, and decorate a house, they bring complement to furniture of bedrooms, living rooms, they add a fashion touch to the house. Remember when buying a curtain be sure it compliments your furniture perfectly so you home will be very comfortable.

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