Is It Safe to Install a Roof in the Winter?

Depending on where a person lives, this can be prove to be quite the challenge. Here in Colorado Springs, though, we have many mild days during the months of November through May. Sure there can be those days when Old Man Winter gets angry and unleashes his fury but how long does that really last? Not long. And the best part is that the snow melts very fast, usually within 24 hours.
There are times however when everything bad that can happen not only can but does. We’re talking about a tree falling during a snow storm on your roof or a roof that needed attention last summer and is now leaking with snow on it. These are unfortunate circumstances but they are here so what should you do? Well, you know the old saying, when someone hands you a lemon you can either cry about it or make lemonade. Let’s see what you can do to make the best out of a bad situation. So, pick up the phone and call your roofer. He will advise you on how to put in a claim to your insurance company.
Isn’t it dangerous to get up on a roof with snow on it?
Definitely yes. If you, as a homeowner, decide to go up on a roof to inspect the damages please avoid all snow and ice that has accumulated. Usually you will notice much more snow on the north side of your home but that’s not always Arrys Roofing Warranty the case. Most homeowners should not go up on the roof due to the lack of safety equipment. Professional roofers are trained to deal with all situations and have the required equipment to handle your specific situation.
The downfall to installing roofing shingles in freezing temperatures
If damage has been done to your roof by a fallen tree branch, it will have to be determined whether or not plywood will have to be replaced. That’s easy enough. Once the area has been inspected and the roof will be either repaired or replaced, the weather will need to be monitored. If the temperature is expected to be below freezing, the new roof shingles will get brittle and are more likely to break or crack during installation. The scheduling supervisor will determine if it’s best to reschedule during better weather.
What we have to look for if the weather is cold
The number one reason a new roof should not be installed during very cold weather is for the safety of those doing the work. Most professional roofers realize that in Colorado it is usually best to wait the current bad weather out because in a day or two the weather will be tolerable. When an emergency situation exists though, special Roof Repair Fenton Mi precautions must be taken. This is where safety harnesses and assist lines are mandatory. If the safety harness is not secured to a reliable source AND the individuals wearing those harnesses are not experienced in using them, an accident is about to happen. Falling off a roof can have dire consequences both immediately and long term.
The nice thing to know is that most reliable roofing companies in Colorado Springs are ready for any and all roofing situations, even in the winter.

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