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Make Your Kids Enjoy Their Daily Shower With These Ideas

By master Feb16,2022

Make Your Kids Enjoy Their Daily Shower With These Ideas

Are you a mother fed up making daily war with your little ones to bathe them? Then this is for you exclusively. Go ahead and learn in what way you can make your kid enjoy their daily showers. Not too much to do, just a few changes in your bathroom and see what it gains.

To make children understand you is rather a very difficult task. So always try to go by their ways and try to understand them. Kids always think a way different from the grown-ups, enjoying and cherishing the fantasies a lot rather than the reality. Here are the few simple ways by which you can make your child’s bathroom a most adventurous spot.

Children are most sensitive to colors. They enjoy things that are brightly colored than most grown-ups do. So choose carefully the color that your child likes most, to paint the wall and ceilings of the bathroom and appropriately choose the color of the lights used.

Proper ventilation is a must, may it be children’s or adult’s bathroom. Use exhaust fans and windows placed at proper places while construction.

There are specially designed bath tubs and toilets available for children, which they need not have to take much effort to use. The toilets are of less height than the normal ones and the bath tub is also available in shorter lengths to match the children needs.

Children are usually fond of many cartoon characters like Mickey, Donald, Tweety, etc. Choose the kind of character that your children like and you can decorate the walls with those pictures. Ensure that the pictures also match the wall color.

You can even oil paint some pictures on the floor with attractive colors. The bath stools used could also be chosen with any of the animal statues in it, to the like of your child.

The bath towels used can also be brightly colored with pictures in it.

With all the pictures, an entire theme could be created. The curtains used can also be of the kind that matches the theme, which would further enhance the beauty of the bathroom, kindling the interest of children to take bath even without your compulsion or force.

With all these decorations apart, care should also be taken in ensuring safety and convenience. Choose tiles that are not too smooth. Steps if any present, keep it as low as possible. Also keep the taps and showers at the height that is easily accessible for the child.

The cup board or the shelf should also be placed at a height lower than that is usually placed.

By master

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