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Curtain Tiebacks

By master Feb13,2022

Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain tiebacks, as with curtain hold backs, are a very easy way to add a strong accent to your drapery, and overall theme. These exquisite accessories have old world charm and elegance. As the modern and contemporary styles become more of a popular choice for new homeowners, many manufacturers have set their focus into modernizing curtain tiebacks by incorporating the simple neat looks that are in demand today, while still holding true to their rustic history.

Curtain tiebacks hold a very important functionality. As they provide the option of opening draperies for the purpose of letting light into a room, or simply to add a little shape to the curtain itself. Generally, these accessories consist of a woven rope of various materials usually connected to the curtain itself (or can be purchased separately), that offers the option of tying the curtains back in the middle, towards the top, or towards the bottom, depending on the length of the tieback of course.

Curtain Tiebacks – Styling

Curtain tiebacks have an endless array of options. Many people recognize them as yellowish colored ropes with like colored tassels on the end. Unknowingly why, this has become kind of a stereotype for tiebacks. However, there is much more to this seemingly simple accessory. From ropes to chains, there is an option and style for every theme and drapery design.

The most popular design consists of a 1/2 inch diameter woven rope with a knotted end and short 6 inch tassels protruding from the other side. However, as the contemporary/modern style has become more of a dominant driving force in the styling world, this simple and old world design is being phased out by less bulky and sleeker looks.

These sleek looks include chains that are made from various metals such as gold, silver, or chrome. Aside from the newer metal designs, there are also revamped cloth and woven rope styles that exhibit a differently shaped knot towards the end, or a large bead going over the knot that offers a completely different look altogether.

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